Ruins of Doisagarh

Ruins of Doisagarh enumerated in World Heritage but remained untouched and alone.

Gumla is also a stronghold of Historical Monuments. Several historical structures of Navaratangarh can be found in Doisagarh of Sisai block which is one of the 12 blocks of Gumla district. Navaratangarh used to be capital during the kingdom of Nagavanshi. The name of this province ‘Chhotanagpur’ is given by the Nagavanshi rulers. Nagavanshi rulers made […]

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Jharkhand State -A Result of Revolutions

Jharkhand State – a result of “Revolutions”

Jharkhand State – a result of “Revolutions” Jharkhand State was established on 15th November 2000. The State is created by carving out southern districts of Bihar. Till today Jharkhand consists of 24 districts. More than 17 years passed from its existence. Jharkhand state is a result of a long running revolution. Its history is too […]

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Chief Minister of Jharkhand

Chief Minister of Jharkhand – Jharkhandinfo

Jharkhand State was formed on the day of 15th November 2000 by carving out southern districts of Bihar. From that day to till now, total 6 peoples have been elected 10 times to give their services as Chief Minister of Jharkhand. First of all Babulal Marandi has taken the oath for Jharkhand state Chief Minister. […]

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Social Media changed our society.

Social Media changed our society Social Media, in other words it is medium to connect one to another people with help of a digital electronic devices and internet. Two decades ago a website named is launch which is said to be first ever social media site. After only two years, a company named Youthstream […]

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