Dharagiri Falls

Dharagiri Falls

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Dharagiri Falls
Dharagiri Falls

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About Place: Water Fall/ Picnic Spot

  • Dharagiri Falls
  • Address: Basadera, Ghatshila, East Singhbhum Jharkhand 832304,
  • District: East Singhbhum,
  • State: Jharkhand


These Falls are famous for their 20 feet drop that is unique in the world. These falls provide some of the best picnic spots for tourists. One can also trek up to the falls to gain another perspective of the beauty of these falls. The area has still not been touched much by modernity; therefore one can lose oneself in the raw innocent life of the villagers and the tribes. One can walk through the villages, soaking in the simple life of the villagers and the tribes.

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