Social Media changed our society.


Social Media changed our society

Social Media, in other words it is medium to connect one to another people with help of a digital electronic devices and internet. Two decades ago a website named is launch which is said to be first ever social media site. After only two years, a company named Youthstream Media Networks has purchased on the price of $125 Million and after only two years, became world’s first company which was shut down. After that more companies came in the center like Friendster, MySpace, LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter but nobody gain the popularity like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. By the way talking about the Technical Evolution is like roaming in to an open space.

We spent many years with social media, as people were added it’s size got bigger and bigger and nowadays it became an essential part of our life but saying it an essential part of life is just justified? Is this real that we can’t live without it? The answers are clear like pure water but we cannot face this bitter truth and some of the people don’t want to understand this reality. The increasing traffic and engagement makes everything clear that we can’t live without it but way the answer is very old and we all have heard it often that “Human is a social animal.”

These days we have lot of busy schedule in our daily life and this is why we can’t meet with our loving once and near and dears but even after the our busyness we want to play our relationships and we take the help of social media. This is the reason why our society splitted out in Two parts one who trying to live relationships directly and another who have captured whole world in their mobile.

Social Media is like a open sky and infinite and therefore writing ‘The End’ is quite meaningless.

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