Terms and Conditions

Below points are the Terms and Conditions of Jharkhandinfo.co.in

  1. Information, visuals and graphics are collected online from other websites. We are very thankful for their presence online.
  2. There is no commercial use of any information, visuals and graphics. Visitors are not charged any cost by jharkhandinfo to access this website and information, visuals and graphics.
  3. The purpose of this website is only to educate visitor about Jharkhand places and cultural etc.
  4. Some information may vary from physical appearances on the places.
  5. Jharkhandinfo is property of the Owner so no one can access it for private use or no one other can show their owner ship on ‘Jharkhandinfo.co.in’.
  6. Jharkhandinfo access the user IP for security purpose and to prevent the misuse of ‘Jharkhandinfo.co.in’. No one can claim to Jharkhandinfo to show user’s IP without having Indian Jurisdictions.
  7. ‘Jharkhandinfo.co.in’ Domain is property of Global Automation and the Developer dated 20th May 2016.